Photo Alp Arvier

On Friday 9th August at 18h30 Arvier has hosted the opening of the photo exhibition PhotoAlp Arvier with the shots realized by the winners of the photo contest linked to the Millet Tour du Rutor Extrême. The outdoor exhibition has been organized along the streets of the historical centre of Arvier: the special frames used for the photos enriched the many historical corners of the village and turned Arvier and the municipality areas into a real art gallery.

This initiative – states Mauro Lucianaz, the Mayor of Arvier municipality – is part of a special program created by the local administration which aims not only at the promotion of a sport event, well-known and appreciated by all the international ski mountaineering world, but also at giving the opportunity to discover our landscape and country thanks to the pictures and to enhance Arvier village which is the best place for the photo exhibition”.

The photo contest PhotoAlp Arvier 2018, with a free subject, wants to be a tribute to the sport and competitive parts of the event, telling us the backstage, the emotions of the racers, the idea of being a team, their preparation and the natural beauty. The selected shots are the ones realized by the winners – Carlo Ceola, Martino Frova and Nicola Morabito – who ventured on the competition course to get the best and “own” symbol picture.