Comunication N. 7 – First leg won by Eydallin-Boscacci & Roux-Mollare

Great spectacle in Valgrisenche for the first day of a fantastic Tour du Rutor. After a lot of apprehension, extra tracing work and sleepless nights, 335 teams coming from 19 different countries were able to compete on a long leg of 2386m distributed on 4 uphills and an equal number of downhills.

A technical race with a part to be done on foot, a vertical ditch and downhills that challenged the most acrobatic athletes.

The strongest today were the Italians Michele Boscacci-Matteo Eydallin and the French Laetitia Roux-Axelle Mollaret.

A big surprise was the forfeiture of the very strong teams composed by Mathéo Jacquemoud-Anton Palzer and Katia Tomatis-Martina Valmassoi.


The terrible weather forecast was, thank god, just a nightmare. The covered sky of Valgrisenche, let the sun shine for some moments, thus allowing the athletes and the numerous supporters to enjoy the breathtaking landscape.

At the end of a triumphal leadership the Italians Boscacci-Eydallin crossed the finishing line in 2h45’49”. The silver medal was conquered by the Swiss Anthamatten and Bonnet in 2h47’33” who preceded the French Sevennec-Blanc (2h48’48”).


No big surprise for the leaders of this leg Laetitia Roux-Axelle Mollaret, who won in 3h26’22”. Second place for the Swiss Jennifer Fiechter-Séverine Pont Combe in 3h33’00”. Third place for the young team composed by Alba De Silvestro – Lorna Bonnel in 3h28’27”.


Starting from the youngest, it is important to outline the success of the twins Sébastien and Fabien Guichardaz in 1h17’36”, who crossed the finishing line before Giovanni Rossi – Marcello Muscetti (1h22’16”) and Alessandro Gadola – Federico Gusmeroli (1h26’22”).

With regards to the girls Marie Borriglione e Justine Tonso won today’s leg.

Talking about the Juniors, Davide Magnini – Nicolò Canclini in 1h22’07” won, preceding the French Simon Bellabouvier – Samuel Equy in 1h24’14” and Fabio Pettinà – Enrico Loss in 1h26’15”.

With regards to the female junior category, first victory of Melanie Ploner – Giorgia Felicetti in 1h36’27” who crossed the finishing line before Elisa Pedrolini – Alessia Re in 1h48’14” and Silvia Rivero – Martina Sirigu in 1h59’27”.


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Author: Tour du Rutor

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