Press release N. 6 – The countdown has begun for an unmissable 18th edition

The last few frenetic days of preparation for the staff of the Corrado Gex Ski Club, who this weekend will be staging the 18th edition of the Millet Tour du Rutor Extrême in the mountains of Arvier – Valgrisenche. Lining up at the start of this three-day Valle d’Aosta event, the third stage of the prestigious La Grande Course circuit, will be 335 pairs of athletes from 19 different nations (including 32 women’s teams). 32 junior and cadet teams will also be taking part over shorter but equally spectacular courses.


This weekend, the élite of the discipline together with flocks of ski-mo enthusiasts will be required to tackle a three-day race with 7000m of elevation gain, 75 km of real off-piste racing (40km uphill, 32km downhill, 5km high mountain crests). Snowpack conditions are excellent and, saving any last-minute surprises as regards the weather, the course should be a repeat of the one successfully tried and tested in 2014. Friday will see the start of hostilities with a first leg that has an elevation gain of almost 2000m and which will have as its MGP the customary trek up to the Feleumaz Point at 3102. The race will really take off at the Becca dei Quattro Denti where the ski-mountaineers will launch themselves into the steep, fast descent leading down to the finishing line at Valgrisenche. All their grit and resilience will be required on Saturday, when they will have to tackle the 2639 m. and spectacular stretches at the top of the Mont Arp-Vielle and on the Tête du Rutor (3485masl). Sunday’s grand finale with 2294 m uphill will see the skiers face the glaciers of the Château Blanc, the Flambeau Point (3320 m) and the Mont Château Blanc (3422 m) before taking on the almost 2000 m long descent to the finish line and cheering crowds at Planaval.



After entering the world of social media in 2014, the TdR has confirmed its status as a modern media event that caters both for those who just can’t make it to the event in person and all those who want to relive the highlights of each stage from the comfort of their own sofa. From Friday to Sunday, at 5.15 p.m., a real “Processo alla Tappa” (Stage on Trial) will be streamed live on the website in collaboration with “”. This will be the real novelty of the 18th edition. As with the Giro d’Italia, it will be possible to see highlights of the race, analyse what has happened and get a preview of the next day’s stage. All with the help of some illustrious guests whose names will be revealed later on. And there’s more: in addition to the usual facebook and twitter channels, we have decided to launch an Instagram contest as well. At the end of the event, fantastic prizes will be awarded to the 3 best photos posted with the hashtag #TDR2016. And the surprises don’t end there. On the event’s website you can also find full details of the special initiatives reserved for the public: special briefings and designated supporter areas where spectators will be presented with technical gadgets from CAMP.  



After the success it had in 2014, the “Mountain Village Tour” dedicated to brands operating in the sector will be held once again. Not just display stands but a location between lake and castle where you can meet up after each stage of the race. A “picture postcard” location in which to relax, exchange opinions and actually touch all the new products that are ready to be launched on the market the following winter.    

Author: Tour du Rutor

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